Student Poetry

Save Our Environment

by Matthew and Francisco

The planet is so sweet and round.
Gas burning by the minute; 
Our sweet planet is dying.
Oh planet, oh planet;
We're so sad our planet is dying.
What should we do to save our environment?

The Raiders

Francisco and Matthew

Oh Raiders, oh Raiders,
You make us so sad.
We’ve tried to motivate you
but you keep on losing.
Oh Raiders, oh Raiders,
Why can’t you win.



Pizza with pepperoni
It motivates me to go to Tony’s.
Oh Pizza, oh Pizza,
I love you so much.
I can’t wait to bite your pizza crust.



Squid is so hard to eat.
Why is it so hard to eat?
But I mostly eat dried squid.
I also like the way it tastes.

Matthew's Poem


Slithery slugs and snails,
Babe pig in the city.
Like the ultimate kid did it,
Instant replay a shot at goal.

When I Grow Up


Lights, camera, action,
There’s no turning back.
I finally made it to the NFL.
First round draft pick from USC.
25 million dollars in my hand.
Spiral to my fingertips.
There’s no turning back.

Me Going to the NBA


I play basketball and I’m eleven years old.
My dad wants me to go to the NBA.
I shoot, I dribble, I run —
Sometimes my coach yells.
He sometimes gets frustrated.
But I’m pretty good at basketball.



First round pick,
To the Oakland Athletics,
From San Diego State,
I play second base.
The ball comes fast.
I react quickly to the ball.
I throw him out.



It was a heartbreaking incident
I heard five gunshots
Pow pow pow pow pow
Two hit my brother and one hit me
Our family was devastated
When the bullet ripped through my skin
It felt like elephants stepping on my feet
Luckily we’re still alive.

Peace Out


Pow Pow Pow
I’m sorry about your son
You shouldn’t have been on drugs
You should have been a good mother
Be a better mother and love your kids
You should keep your kids safe
peace out.


Matthew and Francisco

Happiness is birds chirping
And happiness is my friend
Happiness is sunset and roses
Happiness is beautiful
Happiness is the world
Happiness is you


Matthew and Francisco

Do you have imagination?
We do.
Can you imagine all violence stopping?
We can.
Can you imagine an end of racism?
We can.
Why can’t you? Imagine.

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